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Superlopez BluRay RipAC3

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Superlopez BluRay RipAC3
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On a distant planet called Chitn, the evil General Skorba threatens his armies to conquer and destroy all cities and inhabitants, but a scientist named Jan and his wife decide to save their newborn baby by giving him special superpowers and taking him to planet Earth. in a space capsule. to keep you safe and secure. When General Skorba arrives, his little girl Cat uses her telepathic abilities to find the baby, and her father promises to kill him and destroy the planet Earth, traveling in another space capsule following the first one, but in orbit. Earth collides with Jan’s son’s capsule with an artificial satellite, which orbits in Spain and not in the United States as desired. Thirty years later, unaware of his past and hiding his powers from everyone, Juan López is an office worker who was raised and trained in a small town by two farmers who run a car repair shop. Unable to hide it any longer and want to help people, Juan prevents a subway crash, unintentionally exposing him to public view and turning the now-adult cat into the CEO of himself and his leading cleaning machine company throughout the world. , traveling through Spain to capture Juan. Things get complicated after Juan’s boyfriend Luisa Lanas in the past

Superlopez BluRay RipAC3

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